Onesies are my favourite thing to wear, I could live in them if was acceptable. I have 8 (can never have to many). my favourite onesie I own is a snowflake one I got for Christmas this year. its from peacocks and was £12 (I think). The only downsides of onesies I can think of is going to the toilet, having to take it off when its cold feels horrible! I prefer having onesies that are footless because I hate my feet getting to warm. I love seeing people out in public in onesies because it must feel so comfortable and they must not care what people think which is great! I have spent many days just lazing around in them.

Comment below your favourite thing about onesies xx

Dance moms!

I am obsessed with the reality show Dance moms, it’s shown on lifetime and has just started season 5 in America. I found and watched the first episode online and abby lee Miller is the most horrible woman! I’ve been following the show since season one and I am shocked to see what she has done the these children. She started off season 1 with 7 original dancers, she now has 4. She has driven two mothers and 3 children away because of her abusive actions. After watching the first episode of season 5 I can’t carry on watching and supporting the show. It’s horrible to watch now, first it was about 7 girls who loved to dance, now it’s just about drama.

Comment your opinions on the show and abby lee miller! X

High Street Shops!

New look

I absolutely love new look, they have some gorgeous clothes in there, I feel like some of their items are over priced but I still shop there, New look is my favorite place for shoes, I have a number of pairs of boots from there, I have quite wide feet and they have a section for wide footed people. however I don’t order online because I have read a number of reviews saying their items have taken weeks to arrive. I personally prefer going into shops anyway so I can try things on because its hard to find clothes which fit my body type and look good.


I love h&m, the range of clothes in there is so varied and there are so many styles you can put together. My favorite thing to buy in H&m Is jumpers, they’re so soft and comfy. The pricing is cheap and fair for basic clothing needs like vest tops and leggings. I don’t really buy shoes from there because in my local one there isn’t a large range and they don’t fit my feet.


Everybody loves a bargin for clothing and primark is the perfect place. Some of the quality is terrible, for example I never buy leggings from there because they’re 100% see through! But im always buying tops and cute cardigans. I once bought a green coat from there for £24 and it lasted 2 years! The jeans in there are cheap and so comfy, My legs are short and its hard to find jeans which don’t bunch up at the bottom but primark do a large range for all sizes!


I hardly ever shop at topshop but the quality of the clothing is amazing, it’s very pricey which is the main reason I don’t go in there a lot, I love the jeans in there, they are so comfy and don’t go baggy at the knees! I only ever go in there when I really want to treat myself. It’s the same thing with River Island. Both shops have amazing beautiful clothes but I prefer to get lots of average things rather than a few expensive things when going on big shops. ( I’m a bargin hunter ;))

There are lots of others shops I love to go in! My favourite place to shop is the lanes in Brighton!

Comment below your favourite shops to shop in! xx

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I never thought anyone would even notice my blog, But im so happy to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, Thank you so much for the nomination xxx


The rules:

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
5. Link your nominees & let them know of your nomination.

Here are 7 facts about me:

  • I am half English and half New Zealand, My Dad was born in New Zealand!
  • I have 4 other siblings who are 19, 21, 24 and 27, 3 brothers, 1 sister.
  • I absolutely love watching dance moms, its my guilty pleasure.
  • I failed Maths GCSE and am currently re taking at college and hating every second.
  • I have never broken a bone in my body.
  • I am a very fussy eater!
  • School was the worst 5 years of my life.

I Nominate:


Thank you xx

First day back at college!

Today was my first day back after Christmas and I was not looking forward to it. I have to get 3 different trains every morning which is a lot of effort, especially when they are delayed!! I do theatre production and our first big performance is in 2 weeks (scary!). It’s a lot of work and it’s getting very stressful.
Today was just about getting things organised so it was pretty relaxing. I wore a green tartan dress with ankle boots and my tartan bag from a previous post. I’m looking forward to this year because college has a lot planned for us!


Comment below what your first day back at school/college/university/work was like! Xx

Nail varnish!

I have a love hate relationship with nail painting. Sometimes I love painting my nails and have a new colour every day, other times I want to peel it off straight after I have put it on.

  • Things I hate about nail varnish:
    When it gets on my fingers.
    When I think it’s dry but it isn’t and It smudges.
    When it chips.
    Putting to much on the brush and it going everywhere.
    Having to do more than one coat because the nail varnish is rubbish.

I can never find a brand that I like, I have to many nail varnishes that i don’t even use! Would love to know your favourite brands or the best ones you use!
I just painted my nails and it went pretty good! The nail varnish I used was from a set called pretty pink, I love how shiny it is and the brush was the right size and easy to use.


Comment below your favourite brands of nail varnish! xx

Short hair problems!

Recently I got my hair cut into a kind of pixie cut. I had been speculating about getting it done for a while but I finally did it! Shailene Woodley was my inspiration, I love her so much and she is gorgeous with long and short hair. I really love it but sometimes it gets rather annoying!
Easy to style.
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of effort in the mornings.
When it’s windy it doesn’t go in my face.
It’s stylish of course 😉 haha.
Sometimes it take forever to style and get right.
Flicky bits at the back of my hair.
Sometimes jealousy of girls and ponytails.
Sometimes it looks horrific in the morning.
Here is a before and after shameless selfie of my hair


Comment below your pixie cut problems! xx

Tartan Obsessed!

My favourite thing to wear at the moment is tartan! I have quite a few tartan pieces in my wardrobe and im planning on getting a lot more! My favorite tartan piece to wear is a dress because they are comfy and you don’t have to worry about matching things to it.I see a lot of people wearing tartan scarfs at the moment, i recent bought a purple one but its a snood, I find them more comfy and warm to wear!

IMG_3756There are a couple of my favorite tartan things I own. Three dresses, one top, one skirt, one scarf and one backpack! All of the clothing and the scarf Is from new look and each item is under £20 (i cant remember the exact price of everything). I’m not sure where the bag is from because it was a Christmas present. My favourite Piece is the Green dress hanging on the right, its comfy to wear and not to tight, I usually wear a pair of ankle boots with it.

Comment below your favorite pattern or your favorite tartan piece you wear xxx

Girl Online!

Recently I finished a book called girl online by Zoe Sugg. Zoe is a Beauty blogger from you tube with over six million subscribers! I’ve been watching her videos for about 5 months now and when i heard she had written a book i couldn’t wait to read it! I got the book from one of my friends (dailyjosh17) as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to get started reading! I finished the book in 2 days, I couldn’t put it down!

I felt that the main character penny was very relate able to a teenage girl for example, the way penny gets nervous around boys .The story line was intriguing and after every chapter was a cliff hanger, like you needed to carry on reading to find out what happened next. This book seems like it’s aimed more at teen girls ages 14-18 than any other group, it also teaches people about the effects of what you post on online and how it can affect people,it encourages people to think before they post something. I really enjoyed reading it and it wont be the last time I do.

The book ended quite sudden, almost as if it was an ending there so it would become a sequel. I hope it does because I would love to know what happens to penny and Noah, it would be silly not to, the book set records for one of the fastest selling books in a week!

Girl online is the name of Penny’s blog, This book was another reason why I wanted to start my own blog, in the story penny post things online about her daily life and people give her positive feedback and say lovely things to her, also her blog helped them and inspired them to do things they never would have done, this is what I hope to achieve.

If you have read girl online, comment below your opinions! xx